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As the saying goes, "knowledge wins" the traditional company´s in the printing industry:


Theimer GmbH

Maschinenbau Bochonow GmbH

RK Siebdrucktechnik GmbH


have come together to open a demonstration area for the print industry, the Print Society.



Going under the name Print Society in short PS, have the above mentioned partners opened a new operating and technology centre.


The technology centre plans to offer working days for its colleagues from the print industry and other interested groups the chance to learn about the latest innovations, not only in the screen printing industry.

The demonstration centre the participants can take the opportunity for a hands on experience of the new developments.


The object of the PS is not to teach the printer to print.


The PS is a constructive and focused demonstration day to initialise a practical impression of the newest technology in a hands on way.


And further to this access to reference suppliers from the ink, mesh, and course the methods of screen preparation through to screen cleaning and so on. The object being to bring the forward thinking people in the industry a bit nearer to the latest product and technology which are available.

About the Print Society

At the Print Society Centre is a step by step competence building a sustainable development unit.


The idea to bring together from all arrears of experience and build on this enable all manner of projects to be developed for and with all participants. This will enable the PS to advise and optimise the print process.


Through the combination of the core competency of the respective PS partners, the Print Society becomes through intensive professional consultion and innovation in new products a competent point of contact in one.